A Quick Introduction to Screensavers

A screensaver is a software program designed to activate when a computer remains inactive for a specified length of time. Initially, screensaver programs such as After Dark would install onto the computer and run individually. Today, they fit onto the computer operating system, which runs them. They fill the computer screen with abstract patterns or images.

Why People Use Them

The idea behind their development was to prevent the burn-in of phosphor on Cathode Ray Tubes and Plasma monitors. The flat panel displays and monitors people use today do not suffer from burn-in problems associated with old CRT monitors. However, people are still using screensavers today to password-protect their computer when the user is away and for aesthetic value.

Different Kinds of Screensavers

The types of screensavers include the following.

Interactive Screensavers

You can choose a blank screen saver for your computer or go for the mystify, bubble or ribbons; they all fall in the interactive list. Patterns and designs will appear on your screen. Today, they look better than they were some years ago.

3D Screensavers

3D text screensavers are the other category of screensavers. The texts are editable so you can change the color, size and other aspects. To run on your screen, the screensavers rely on the 3D hardware on your computer. You can put your company name or personal name as the screensaver.

Photos Screensavers

Photos make great screensavers. You only need to select a folder on your computer, and the screensaver will display them continuously. You have an option of setting the shuffle and speed. Put pictures of your favorite pets and cars.

Most Popular Categories

The popular categories of screensavers include 3D, nature, Valentine, holiday, Christmas, cartoon, effects, animals, Halloween, new year, water, clock, spring, autumn, summer, HD and winter screensavers. Each of the categories offers many options for people to try.


A good password-protected screensaver will help you make your computer screen look attractive when not in use and protect your information. The internet offers a wide variety of screensavers, so you will get something unique to try. If you love seeing waterfalls or a river flowing, you will get a screensaver for that.