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For some, the word anime may be something new altogether. For others, it may be steeped in a counterculture that is at the forefront of their entire computer existence. For the former, a brief introduction. Outside of Japan, the term most commonly refers to animation originating in Japan. In such anime, particular attention is paid to the proportions of the head in relation to the other body parts, and much is made of the eyes. They are made larger and given great expression.

Anime has become more commercially profitable in western countries as early commercially successful western adaptations of anime, such as Astro Boy or Speed Racer, have revealed. The unheard-of and phenomenal success of Nintendo’s multi-billion dollar franchise Pokemon was helped greatly by the spin-off series that, first broadcast in the late 1990’s, is still running worldwide today. As a result, anime has made a significant impact on Western culture and manifested itself in the availability of anime screensavers.

Since the 19th century, many westerners have expressed a particular interest towards Japan and anime dramatically exposed more Westerners to the culture of Japan. We watch Kung-fu movies, eat sushi, play Nintendo and Pokemon, and now we want anime screensavers. And it is becoming easier than ever to find them. There are literally thousands upon thousands of websites to in which to find them.

Interestingly enough, while in America anime is geared more toward children’s audiences; the traditional anime from Japan is far more adult and designed for the mature reader and viewer. On an American subway you would see many people reading novels. On a Japanese subway you would be far more likely to see the same number of adults reading comic books of anime material. But America is catching up, and the number of sites dedicated to pure Japanese anime is an indication of just how quickly and this is truly reflected in the number of available anime screensavers.

Anime is also one of the few medium where one can also find a favorite artist. Since this is an art form, and a highly stylized one at that, some of the artists are immediately recognizable by the superior artistic quality of their talent. And once you find your favorite, it becomes easier and easier to find them among the millions of available websites for anime screensavers.

Enter “anime” into your browse bar and you will get almost 169 million hits now. There is everything from anime girls, anime art contests, anime videos, webisodes, movies, also known as mangas, games, shows, wallpaper, and blogs. Duke University regularly holds what it calls Animania and anime conventions are cropping up all over the country. With the popularity of Pokemon and now Anigotchi, there seems to be no end in sight. If you want to be considered one of the cool kids, or just dialed into one of the hottest trends in the country today, or perhaps even the world since it going global at a rate that can only be described as viral, you have got to get your anime screensaver today. Don’t be left out!

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