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Aquarium Screensaver

Remember the screensavers from back in the day? Either the screen had that strange geometric shape that wriggled around the screen changing color or it just went blank after five or ten minutes. Or if you were really ingenious you could add some kind of text that marched across the screen at a snail’s pace or way too fast to even read. Well, screensavers have come a long way since then, and none have come farther than that old favorite, the aquarium screensaver.

The aquarium screensaver of yesterday was pretty enough, with the fake blue water and one or two fish that swam straight ahead, in and out of view, never wavering from the same staid course. Well, the aquarium screensaver of today is a next-generation wonder that brings all the beauty of a lush freshwater aquarium right to your computer screen with unmatched and unsurpassed realism.

Today’s offerings show off amazingly realistic behavior of 100% computer-generated fish doing everything real fish would do, pecking at pebbles and objects in the tank, eating fish food, chasing each other, swimming in the plants, traveling in schools and enjoying fish life! These computer-created fish have articulated fins, moving eyes, gills and mouths. The aquariums have beautiful shifting light rays to denote different times of the day, ground ripples, gently waving plants that fish can swim into, soft shadows cast by fish, and bubble streams.

With well over a hundred different fish to choose from and settings you can change without ever having to exit the aquarium, you’ll wonder why you ever considered real fish in the first place. With some aquarium screensavers you can even choose a fiddler crab that “cleans” the aquarium and chases the fish! You’ll be guaranteed so many hours of enjoyment watching your screensaver you may have trouble getting back to work!

Most sites that offer the newest version of the aquarium software also guarantee that their download is adware and spyware free. They have widescreen formatting, multi-monitor support and much more. You will more than enjoy the gorgeous underwater world when you compliment your download with realistic sounds as well. Experience the bubbles and water-born audio your aquarium screensaver will share with you as you let the natural harmony of water work its calming effect in your office environment.

Since it is a well-established fact that watching fish can ease tension and help fight stress, what better way to bring the serenity and peace of the underwater world to your desktop than in an aquarium screensaver? And that tranquility is perfectly captured in a no-mess environment. There will be no messy tanks to clean, no fishy odors, no remembering to buy the fish food. Just the lush watery landscape of your beautiful aquarium screensaver on your desktop greeting you day after day, easing your tensions and clearing your mind. But remember the warning, you might become so relaxed by your new aquarium, you forget to do any work at all!

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