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Perfect Autumn Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:00 am

Perfect Autumn ScreensaverPerfect autumn screensaver brings you to the center of fantastic autumn scenery. We managed to collect some of the greatest photos featuring autumn nature, blossoming in millions of pastel colors. Yellow, red, brown and orange leaves of trees, majestic autumn sunsets and other exceptional autumn scenes that just gets to you. Autumn is that time of the year, where the nature bursts in all of its beauty.

Perfect autumn screensaver is one of the best nature screensavers you can get. Photos that were took hours of waiting before all the elements focused in a perfect shot, shadows of reddish setting sun, and sceneries of unmatchable beauty. Perfect screensaver to ease your mind and to bring some of those true nature wonders back to you.

Autumn screensaver is all about you!

Owners of the Perfect autumn screensaver are people who cherish the nature in their hearts. This screensaver is a popular choice for people with artistic touch. And that is also what this screensaver tells about you: interests in art, a good observer of the nature, extremely visual type of personality, down to earth and with a talent for philosophy discussion. Remarkable what all could be read about the person from this screensaver. If you like it, you most probably find yourself in previous character descriptions.

User friendly!

No one will ever have anything against this great nature screensaver. It is a perfect companion for women and men of all ages.

Creative use!

Till now we have not noted any reports of how one could make a practical joke with this screensaver. If we get any feedback from its users, we will be glad to report it.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Perfect Autumn Screensaver

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Chilling Cold Screensaver

Categories: Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 4:37 pm

Chilling Cold ScreensaverWhen the temperature rises to 100 F, chilling cold screensaver is your savior. Winter, ice, cold wind, snow, high quality pictures that you can catch cold by only watching them. No kidding, this fantastic nature screensaver actually tricks your brain to feel a pleasant cold breeze in the middle of a hot summer night. It has little to do with the physics but a lot to do with your perception of reality.This nature screensaver helps you cope with the heat and it really is a welcomed companion when the sun heats the air to a level that makes it hart to breath. Chilling cold screensaver has a proven placebo effect and hundreds of people find it the most useful screensaver ever made. So what makes it so special is its ability to actually lower your body temperature with stimulating your visual perception and further your brains.

Chilling cold screensaver is about you!

You may wonder what people will think of you if they see a cold chilling winter screensaver on your screen in the middle of summer. They will all say to themselves: Gosh, that is genius! Yes, they will all think of you as an extraordinarily smart person, though nobody will gather enough courage to admit it.

User friendly!

No restrictions there, this nature screensaver is suitable for all who don’t like that summer heat.

Creative use!

It is a creative idea by default – using a screensaver to cope with that summer heat. You have to have some brains to do something like that!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Chilling Cold Screensaver

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Hot Strawberry Screensaver

Categories: Nature, People — Free Animated Screensavers @ 7:04 am

Hot Strawberry ScreensaverMmmm.., strawberries on your PC! Hot strawberries screensaver is the sexiest screensaver we have ever made. We were reading a scientific study proving that strawberries are the fruits with highest concentration of substances raising levels of sex hormones in our body. The sheer look at pictures of strawberries raises sex drive in your body. We did not believe it before we tested this unbelievable fruit screensavers ourselves. Hot strawberries screensaver is a product to turn on its owner. What makes this screensaver so special? It is the first sexy fruit screensaver ever made with strawberries and it is a screensaver that actually works as a strong aphrodisiac. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable !

About you!

Uau, this one says only “nasty” things about you. Regardless if you are a woman or a man. Installing this hot screensaver will make you a object of lust. You will be speaking for you clearly and loudly: I want it, and I want it now. We would not go into details, not today :)

User friendly!

It really is friendly, a bit too friendly if you ask us. Hot strawberry screensaver is a screaming statement of lust, and nothing less. So it might not be suitable for a family PC or for extremely conservative people.

Creative use!

Each installation of this screensaver is creative, because it is unique in the world and it is a hot hot one. Men or women download this one on your PC and just observe how people will react to it. It will not take long to win you a “hot lover” image which will stick with you for good! Watch out not to burn yourself – you know what we mean!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hot Strawberry Screensaver

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Majestic Horses Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:04 am

Majestic Horses ScreensaverMajestic horses screensaver reveals you absolutely fantastic photos of extraordinary beautiful horses. We have them all: Hot bloods, Warm bloods and Cold bloods. Our majestic horses screensaver found a special place among our top animals screensavers. It features wild and domestic horses in magnificent poses. You will be surprised with extremely interesting scenes featuring wild horses, studbooks, purebreds and landraces. Here and there a cute little pony finds its place as well.

Horses have always attracted peoples attention for there graciousness and strength. There is literally no child out there that would never dream of having a pony to ride on. For thousands of years those majestic animals were symbol of wealth and happiness. So what makes our Majestic horses screensaver different from other horses screensavers? It is just wild and free, a wonderful collection of different breeds within their natural habitat. There really is not much to be added to a fine photo of a horse. Those animals draw our attention anytime, anywhere. Now you can let them run wild on your screen.

About you!

What would people think of you if you install this screensaver on your PC? Putting horses screensaver to run on your PC clearly shows your character of being a dreamer, a romantic soul with lots of hope for a bright future. But than again this animal screensaver can be a statement of “wildness and power” hiding in your character. Regardless how much you try to hide it, majestic horses screensaver will also bring up that child in you, who likes to play and enjoys every single minute of his life. Power, grace and wildness – many will find it easy to relate with this great product.

User friendly!

Majestic horses screensaver really has no limits. It is popular with young and old, men and women, families and singles, dreamers and “party animals”.

Creative use!

We know more than one case of this screensaver being installed on a friends PC after this friend had a wild night in the city. You animal you :)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Majestic Horses Screensaver

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Beautiful Sunflowers Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:26 am

Beautiful Sunflowers ScreensaverBeautiful sunflowers screensaver will most probably be your choice in times when everything seems to go smoothly in your life. This great nature screensaver features some amazing examples of sunflowers in different kind of landscapes. So you will find pictures of sunflowers bathing in the hot summer sun, sunflowers catching last late afternoons’ sunshine rays or sunflowers eagerly waiting to flourish in the cool morning dawn. What makes this beautiful sunflowers nature screensaver so special? The sole idea of putting sunflowers on screensaver is what makes this screensaver so unique. There are rare who dared to try it. We are proud of making this splendid nature so bellowed with all sorts of people. It is a real ying yang among all the screensavers on the market, a perfect choice to rest your eyes and enjoy those breathtaking scenes.

About you!

Beautiful sunflowers screensaver emits feelings of inner balance, joy for life and close relationship with nature. If that is something that describes your character, than beautiful sunflowers screensaver should find its home on your PC. Others will appreciate this product mostly for its ability to calm down extreme stress situations, finding back that concentration and motivation in life. It may not do wonders, but it surely has therapeutic effect on a troubled mind.

User friendly!

No borders exist for this screensavers. It is perfectly suitable for any social environment. Ok, if you are a metallica fan or a hard rocker, this nature screensaver may be in slight conflict with your lifestyle :)

Creative use!

As this flowers screensaver really hardly finds a way to be use for disturbing some feelings, we needed some time to get a interesting feedback on how to use it “creatively”. It happened in a college dormitory, where a bunch of friends secretly installed this screensaver on a vegetarian friend’s laptop. You can imagine they all had some great laughs explaining their motive of doing that to that friend.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Beautiful Sunflowers Screensaver

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Velvet Roses Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 12:41 pm

Velvet Roses ScreensaverVelvet roses nature screensaver inspires with collection of magnificent roses of all colors and sorts. What makes this nature screensaver so unique? It is the quality of photos and the huge collection of splendid photos we could pick from to make this screensaver. And it really wins your heart. When others trie to concentrate on “star” roses, those are the roses that are most commonly seen in your nearest botanic garden, we expanded the collection on all sorts of roses.

The beauty of the rose lies in the variety of the species, forms and foremost colors. Just a short walkthrough different representatives of this gorgeous plant, some of which you will find in our screensaver: Dog Rose, China Rose, French Rose, Gigantea Rose, Redleaf Rose, Cherokee Rose, Multiflora Rose, Chestnut Rose, Sweet Brier, Japanese Rose and Virginia Rose. Many of them are proud members of our Velvet Roses screensaver.

About you!

What is this magnificent nature screensaver saying about you, if you decide to make it for your own? It communicates tenderness, love and openness to romance. For centuries roses are in men eyes the synonym for women beauty and grace. If you become roses, you simply know there is someone whose heart is burning just for you.

User friendly!

Velvet Roses Screensaver is acceptable for all individuals or families with children. It emits only positive messages about the owner and can only brighten up ones day.

Creative use!

Well, we received some pretty astonishing stories about ways of “creative use” of our Velvet Roses Screensaver. If you own an office PC and share your office with other people, this is what you could do. Go to the PC of the person you find attractive, when this person is away install Velvet Roses Screensaver to that person’s PC. Than just wait to see the reaction of that person. It could be the beginning of a whole new relationship! Yes, you can even make a statement of love with it.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Velvet Roses Screensaver

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Killer Snakes Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:27 am

Killer Snakes ScreensaverKiller snakes screensaver is to become the wildest download you have ever made. Absolutely not for people with weak nerves or for those who are afraid of reptiles, snakes especially. We have carefully selected world’s most venomous snakes’ photos and produced a nature screensaver of new dimension. There are no cute puppies, beautiful flowers or romantic beaches there.

Killer snakes screensaver is full of venomous reptiles waiting to scare your pants off. Those rare true snake fans will recognize one or the other non venomous snake finding its place among other killer species, but let it be a kind of test for those who consider themselves snake experts. A quick look through snake species considered as worlds most dangerous animals, will reveal you following deadly snake examples: Copperhead Snake, Cottonmouth Snake, Rattlesnakes, Coral Snake, Cobra Snakes, Sea Snakes, Bushmaster, Black Mamb snakes. Many of them finding their place in our unique Killer snakes screensaver.

Yes there are snake from all continents: North and South America, Australia, Europe and India and Africa.

Please, if you intend to install this screensaver on your boyfriends or girlfriends PC, do make sure they do not suffer under a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of snakes, known as snake phobia.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Killer Snakes Screensaver

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Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 2:44 pm

Dirty Fat Pigs ScreensaverNow here is the one made just for you: Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver. Yes you have read it right. We actually made the world funniest screensaver ever, featuring a bunch of pigs from all around the world. Just look at them, those fine swine eyes and piggy tails on really short legs. Yes we do have a strange taste for screensavers but to be quite honest, Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver is the screensaver that made thousands and thousands of people laugh their pants off. It makes a perfect joke to download this one on your computer and letting it run when having friends on visit. If this does not make you a counterpoint of attention, nothing will ever do. People will be discussing your creative sense of humor for weeks and they will want to have a Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver on their PCs.

We get tons of positive replies for this one. Imagine installing Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver on your business PC. We bet there is no boss on the world that would not go soft seeing this unique product. It is just not a typical screensaver, but than again you do not want to be a typical kind of guy/girl.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that people love humor and they will surely love to watch your brand new, creative and funny screensavers with pigs from all around the globe.

We wish you a beautiful day – OINK OINK

FREE DOWNLOAD: Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver

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Spider Phobia Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 2:25 pm

Spider Phobia ScreensaverSpider phobia screensaver presents some of the most dangerous spiders on the planet. But than again, spiders do not have to be venomous to force some people into panic. This is another custom made screensaver from our collection of nature screensavers and animals screensavers. Please do not watch or even download this product if you tend to overreact on spiders or even if you have a spider phobia. And please do not use Spider phobia screensaver to scare other people you might know that suffer from panic attacks when exposed to spiders. This screensaver may not be misused for practical jokes!

Let us see what we have here. Spider phobia wildlife screensaver features just some of the following highly toxic and very dangerous spiders: Sydney Funnel Web Spide, Brown Recluse Spider, Black Widow spider, Hobo Spider, Grass Spider, Mouse Spider, Black House Spider, Wolf Spider, Female Trap-Door Spider, Garden Orb-Weaving spider, Saint Andrew’s Cross Spider and Huntsman Spider. Try to find out which one of them actually occurs in our screensaver.

Spider phobia screensaver is a fine collection of different sorts of spiders photographed with wide-angle cameras in high resolution modus.

We wish you a lot of fun with our creepiest screensaver!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Spider Phobia Screensaver

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Sweet Dreams Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 2:13 pm

Sweet Dreams ScreensaverSweet dreams screensaver is a special collection of the most beautiful photos from the night sky. Downloading this special nature screensaver will open you doors to many extremely attractive photos of moon and the stars. There is something extraordinary powerful on those photos we used for making this unbelievable screensaver. It makes one wanting to know more about his own existence and it simply forces one to think about things we rarely take time to consider. For billions of years the moons accompanies human destiny and affects our daily lives. Much in a way that not even today could be explained. We tappet around that mysticism of the moon and the night to bring you closer to those philosophical questions, that we have forgotten to think about any more.

Sweet dreams screensaver gives you a perfect opportunity to escape from your daily stress and to focus on questions and thoughts that define humans as such.

We have shown you the doors to a different perspective, but it is on you to open them wide and leave yourself to your deepest thoughts.

Sweet dreams screensaver is an island of peace and tranquility, where your mind can rest for a moment and gather new energy for the next day. We would dare to say that getting into it made us slightly better persons. It does not have any magical powers, but it is a perfect tool to stop for a second and reflect upon your life from a distance.

Hopefully it will work for you just as well as it did for us.

Let those dreams fly….

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sweet Dreams Screensaver

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