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Perfect Autumn Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:00 am

Perfect Autumn ScreensaverPerfect autumn screensaver brings you to the center of fantastic autumn scenery. We managed to collect some of the greatest photos featuring autumn nature, blossoming in millions of pastel colors. Yellow, red, brown and orange leaves of trees, majestic autumn sunsets and other exceptional autumn scenes that just gets to you. Autumn is that time of the year, where the nature bursts in all of its beauty.

Perfect autumn screensaver is one of the best nature screensavers you can get. Photos that were took hours of waiting before all the elements focused in a perfect shot, shadows of reddish setting sun, and sceneries of unmatchable beauty. Perfect screensaver to ease your mind and to bring some of those true nature wonders back to you.

Autumn screensaver is all about you!

Owners of the Perfect autumn screensaver are people who cherish the nature in their hearts. This screensaver is a popular choice for people with artistic touch. And that is also what this screensaver tells about you: interests in art, a good observer of the nature, extremely visual type of personality, down to earth and with a talent for philosophy discussion. Remarkable what all could be read about the person from this screensaver. If you like it, you most probably find yourself in previous character descriptions.

User friendly!

No one will ever have anything against this great nature screensaver. It is a perfect companion for women and men of all ages.

Creative use!

Till now we have not noted any reports of how one could make a practical joke with this screensaver. If we get any feedback from its users, we will be glad to report it.

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Beautiful Sunflowers Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:26 am

Beautiful Sunflowers ScreensaverBeautiful sunflowers screensaver will most probably be your choice in times when everything seems to go smoothly in your life. This great nature screensaver features some amazing examples of sunflowers in different kind of landscapes. So you will find pictures of sunflowers bathing in the hot summer sun, sunflowers catching last late afternoons’ sunshine rays or sunflowers eagerly waiting to flourish in the cool morning dawn. What makes this beautiful sunflowers nature screensaver so special? The sole idea of putting sunflowers on screensaver is what makes this screensaver so unique. There are rare who dared to try it. We are proud of making this splendid nature so bellowed with all sorts of people. It is a real ying yang among all the screensavers on the market, a perfect choice to rest your eyes and enjoy those breathtaking scenes.

About you!

Beautiful sunflowers screensaver emits feelings of inner balance, joy for life and close relationship with nature. If that is something that describes your character, than beautiful sunflowers screensaver should find its home on your PC. Others will appreciate this product mostly for its ability to calm down extreme stress situations, finding back that concentration and motivation in life. It may not do wonders, but it surely has therapeutic effect on a troubled mind.

User friendly!

No borders exist for this screensavers. It is perfectly suitable for any social environment. Ok, if you are a metallica fan or a hard rocker, this nature screensaver may be in slight conflict with your lifestyle :)

Creative use!

As this flowers screensaver really hardly finds a way to be use for disturbing some feelings, we needed some time to get a interesting feedback on how to use it “creatively”. It happened in a college dormitory, where a bunch of friends secretly installed this screensaver on a vegetarian friend’s laptop. You can imagine they all had some great laughs explaining their motive of doing that to that friend.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Beautiful Sunflowers Screensaver

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Velvet Roses Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 12:41 pm

Velvet Roses ScreensaverVelvet roses nature screensaver inspires with collection of magnificent roses of all colors and sorts. What makes this nature screensaver so unique? It is the quality of photos and the huge collection of splendid photos we could pick from to make this screensaver. And it really wins your heart. When others trie to concentrate on “star” roses, those are the roses that are most commonly seen in your nearest botanic garden, we expanded the collection on all sorts of roses.

The beauty of the rose lies in the variety of the species, forms and foremost colors. Just a short walkthrough different representatives of this gorgeous plant, some of which you will find in our screensaver: Dog Rose, China Rose, French Rose, Gigantea Rose, Redleaf Rose, Cherokee Rose, Multiflora Rose, Chestnut Rose, Sweet Brier, Japanese Rose and Virginia Rose. Many of them are proud members of our Velvet Roses screensaver.

About you!

What is this magnificent nature screensaver saying about you, if you decide to make it for your own? It communicates tenderness, love and openness to romance. For centuries roses are in men eyes the synonym for women beauty and grace. If you become roses, you simply know there is someone whose heart is burning just for you.

User friendly!

Velvet Roses Screensaver is acceptable for all individuals or families with children. It emits only positive messages about the owner and can only brighten up ones day.

Creative use!

Well, we received some pretty astonishing stories about ways of “creative use” of our Velvet Roses Screensaver. If you own an office PC and share your office with other people, this is what you could do. Go to the PC of the person you find attractive, when this person is away install Velvet Roses Screensaver to that person’s PC. Than just wait to see the reaction of that person. It could be the beginning of a whole new relationship! Yes, you can even make a statement of love with it.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Velvet Roses Screensaver

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Sweet Dreams Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 2:13 pm

Sweet Dreams ScreensaverSweet dreams screensaver is a special collection of the most beautiful photos from the night sky. Downloading this special nature screensaver will open you doors to many extremely attractive photos of moon and the stars. There is something extraordinary powerful on those photos we used for making this unbelievable screensaver. It makes one wanting to know more about his own existence and it simply forces one to think about things we rarely take time to consider. For billions of years the moons accompanies human destiny and affects our daily lives. Much in a way that not even today could be explained. We tappet around that mysticism of the moon and the night to bring you closer to those philosophical questions, that we have forgotten to think about any more.

Sweet dreams screensaver gives you a perfect opportunity to escape from your daily stress and to focus on questions and thoughts that define humans as such.

We have shown you the doors to a different perspective, but it is on you to open them wide and leave yourself to your deepest thoughts.

Sweet dreams screensaver is an island of peace and tranquility, where your mind can rest for a moment and gather new energy for the next day. We would dare to say that getting into it made us slightly better persons. It does not have any magical powers, but it is a perfect tool to stop for a second and reflect upon your life from a distance.

Hopefully it will work for you just as well as it did for us.

Let those dreams fly….

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sweet Dreams Screensaver

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Breathtaking Waterfalls Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 1:02 pm

Breathtaking Waterfalls ScreensaverWaterfalls are only one of nature’s amazing creations. Even so this free screensaver with many formidable and majestic waterfall pictures will simply take your breath away. Regardless from being taken from different perspective or distance these waterfall pictures are always grandiose and a must to have.

When downloading this screensaver with many professionally taken pictures just prepare for thousands of questions as it will cause everyone around you to stop and gape at your PC screen. From small creeks to majestic rivers, from forest scenery to mountains, everywhere only the most beautiful of world’s waterfall pictures are available here for downloading.

Prepare to become one with nature and experience the tranquillity you always wanted! Just a click away…

FREE DOWNLOAD: Breathtaking Waterfalls Screensaver

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4 Senses Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 12:50 pm

4 Senses ScreensaverThis one really is a kind of extasy piece of screensaver. Developed by ultra smart propellerhead behavioral scientists to mild the symptoms of excessive stress situations. Believe it or not, 4 SENSES screensaver actually makes some people hear those buzzy bees and smell those rare flowers. It just somehow makes one fly away with every single photo. 4 SENSES screensaver awakens your feelings and intensifies each single sense in your body. No, this screensaver is not made just to be left running endlessly on your PC. 4 SENSES screensaver is made for people to watch and enjoy each and every scene in it.

One can easily get a feeling of someone trying to hypnotize them with different colors and wide screen photos of flowers and bees and nature and all its beauties.

You can not believe it if you do not take you time and watch it through. It will simply have an opium kind of effect on you.

Get ready to enter the center of peacefulness and tranquility with 4 SENSES screensaver.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 4 Senses Screensaver

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The Captain Of The 7 Seas

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 12:41 pm


The captain of the 7 seasThe Captain of the 7 seas takes you on a romantic trip along worlds most beautiful coasts on ships of all kinds. Each single photo will make you wish you were there, enjoying the lonesome secrets of wide oceans. You will be taken along coasts of Aruba and all along the Mexican bay. You will get a glimps on real life in northern sea bays and you will discover different ships and boats that cruise the ocean.

It is no fairytale screensaver with photoshop remake pictures. No, we give you only the scenes from real life on the ocean.

It is not our purpose to try to sell you most prominent beaches on the world. We would like to get you closer to the real beauties of the seas with rare photos showing those small but precious moments that make us love the nature in all of its beauty.

The Captain of the 7 seas is a screensaver to look at, that where its real power lies – making you dream a little in this world of stress and hardship.

Let them sweeten your everyday, let Captain of the 7 seas taking you on a trip you will gladly take over and over again.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Captain Of The 7 Seas

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Relaxing Water Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 10:08 am

Relaxing Water Screensaver Relaxing Water Screensaver is a perfect preparation for vacations. It will bring you the emotions of freedom and relaxation.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Relaxing Water Screensaver

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Beautiful Fire Screensaver

Categories: Landscapes, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 9:17 am

Beautiful Fire Screensaver Beautiful Fire Screensaver is one of the most popular screensavers. If you have a wild and relaxed spirit like fire, this screensaver is designed for you!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Beautiful Fire Screensaver

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