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Chilling Cold Screensaver

Categories: Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 4:37 pm

Chilling Cold ScreensaverWhen the temperature rises to 100 F, chilling cold screensaver is your savior. Winter, ice, cold wind, snow, high quality pictures that you can catch cold by only watching them. No kidding, this fantastic nature screensaver actually tricks your brain to feel a pleasant cold breeze in the middle of a hot summer night. It has little to do with the physics but a lot to do with your perception of reality.This nature screensaver helps you cope with the heat and it really is a welcomed companion when the sun heats the air to a level that makes it hart to breath. Chilling cold screensaver has a proven placebo effect and hundreds of people find it the most useful screensaver ever made. So what makes it so special is its ability to actually lower your body temperature with stimulating your visual perception and further your brains.

Chilling cold screensaver is about you!

You may wonder what people will think of you if they see a cold chilling winter screensaver on your screen in the middle of summer. They will all say to themselves: Gosh, that is genius! Yes, they will all think of you as an extraordinarily smart person, though nobody will gather enough courage to admit it.

User friendly!

No restrictions there, this nature screensaver is suitable for all who don’t like that summer heat.

Creative use!

It is a creative idea by default – using a screensaver to cope with that summer heat. You have to have some brains to do something like that!

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