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Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver

Categories: Animals, Nature — Free Animated Screensavers @ 2:44 pm

Dirty Fat Pigs ScreensaverNow here is the one made just for you: Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver. Yes you have read it right. We actually made the world funniest screensaver ever, featuring a bunch of pigs from all around the world. Just look at them, those fine swine eyes and piggy tails on really short legs. Yes we do have a strange taste for screensavers but to be quite honest, Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver is the screensaver that made thousands and thousands of people laugh their pants off. It makes a perfect joke to download this one on your computer and letting it run when having friends on visit. If this does not make you a counterpoint of attention, nothing will ever do. People will be discussing your creative sense of humor for weeks and they will want to have a Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver on their PCs.

We get tons of positive replies for this one. Imagine installing Dirty Fat Pigs Screensaver on your business PC. We bet there is no boss on the world that would not go soft seeing this unique product. It is just not a typical screensaver, but than again you do not want to be a typical kind of guy/girl.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that people love humor and they will surely love to watch your brand new, creative and funny screensavers with pigs from all around the globe.

We wish you a beautiful day – OINK OINK

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