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Fire Screensavers

Have you ever been sitting at your desk just buried in work? You know what I am talking about, literally stacks of reports and papers piled almost to the ceiling next to you on top of your desk? Do you ever think of setting the whole thing on fire? Of course you would never do it, but wouldn’t it be funny to click your mouse and see that blazing fire on your desktop? Well, you can if you get a fire screensaver for your computer screen.

Or maybe it’s nearing the holidays. It would be nice to feel the spirit of the season every time you look at your desktop by seeing a roaring log in a homey fireplace, a mantel and hearth decorated by all the trimmings of the holiday season. You can have that too with a fire screensaver.

Screensavers used to be utilized primarily to eliminate screen phosphor burn-in caused by over use of the computer. Then it was used as a security device to keep unwanted lookers-in from seeing sensitive material kept on the computer. Nowadays they are used only for the purposes of entertainment.

With the fire screensaver you can bring the visual symphony of fire and light to your screen. The element of fire is both creative and destructive. It is fire that we and our ancestors used to warm our homes, cook our food, we sit around it to ward off the darkness of the night, and it fuels our natural passions. To feel the manifestations of this power, go out on a sunny day and feel the warmth and light of the sun, then hear the crackling of logs and smell of smoke from a burning fire merrily burning away in a cozy fireplace at home. In each situation, you can feel the intensity and majesty of fire at the same time. Now that magical feeling can be harnessed with a fire screensaver of your very own.

At last count there were over two million websites devoted to fire screensavers of some kind. There is the traditional roaring fireplace in the holiday hearth. You can get a Yule log screensaver, obviously popular around the holiday season as well, much like the ones that several television channels out on their channels around the clock as Christmas day nears. Some more unconventional sites offer hearts aflame screensavers, which is a beating heart surrounded by flames licking at the edges of the heart, a “Woman Warrior” fire screensaver, in which an Aztec princess is awash in flames, and for the pure pyrotechnic, there is one fire screensaver which actually brings a realistic burning effect to everything on your screen. Talk about your hot topics!

Regardless of what kind of heat you want to bring to your office environment, rest assured there are more than enough choices out there for you. Whether you are looking for a familiar, family-type fireplace, a hot, melting heart, or just want to burn up your screen with your new fire screensaver, bringing your brand of heat is as easy as just clicking your mouse.

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