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Gambling Screensaver

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Gambling ScreensaverGambling screensaver takes you on the wild side of life. You will enjoy photos of dealing cards, betting chips, playing roulette, poker or black jack, throwing dice and much more. It is a special entertainment screensaver with most exiting scenes of Los Angeles gambling nights. What is so special about this screensaver? It is the idea and the effect it will have on people seeing it running on your screen. Why you need this special casino gambling screensaver? Because you want to tell the world you dare to take risks, you like to party and live on the edge. And what if you are not like that? Well, than skip this product :)

About you!

Install this exciting screensaver and people will see you as a wild kind of person, rarely afraid of anything or anyone, addicted to excitement and adrenalin, living a life ordinary people just dream of. It is a statement of no fears, a statement of unbridled nature, self confidence and lust.

User friendly!

Clearly not for family man or for conservative people. But a perfect choice for a modern singles living in a big city, making the best of their life.

Creative use!

You could try installing this screensaver to a priest’s laptop connected to a beamer for presenting psalms during the mass. Well, it actually happened. Not that we would ever support such a doing in the church!

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