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Hot Strawberry Screensaver

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Hot Strawberry ScreensaverMmmm.., strawberries on your PC! Hot strawberries screensaver is the sexiest screensaver we have ever made. We were reading a scientific study proving that strawberries are the fruits with highest concentration of substances raising levels of sex hormones in our body. The sheer look at pictures of strawberries raises sex drive in your body. We did not believe it before we tested this unbelievable fruit screensavers ourselves. Hot strawberries screensaver is a product to turn on its owner. What makes this screensaver so special? It is the first sexy fruit screensaver ever made with strawberries and it is a screensaver that actually works as a strong aphrodisiac. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable !

About you!

Uau, this one says only “nasty” things about you. Regardless if you are a woman or a man. Installing this hot screensaver will make you a object of lust. You will be speaking for you clearly and loudly: I want it, and I want it now. We would not go into details, not today :)

User friendly!

It really is friendly, a bit too friendly if you ask us. Hot strawberry screensaver is a screaming statement of lust, and nothing less. So it might not be suitable for a family PC or for extremely conservative people.

Creative use!

Each installation of this screensaver is creative, because it is unique in the world and it is a hot hot one. Men or women download this one on your PC and just observe how people will react to it. It will not take long to win you a “hot lover” image which will stick with you for good! Watch out not to burn yourself – you know what we mean!

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