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Killer Snakes Screensaver

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Killer Snakes ScreensaverKiller snakes screensaver is to become the wildest download you have ever made. Absolutely not for people with weak nerves or for those who are afraid of reptiles, snakes especially. We have carefully selected world’s most venomous snakes’ photos and produced a nature screensaver of new dimension. There are no cute puppies, beautiful flowers or romantic beaches there.

Killer snakes screensaver is full of venomous reptiles waiting to scare your pants off. Those rare true snake fans will recognize one or the other non venomous snake finding its place among other killer species, but let it be a kind of test for those who consider themselves snake experts. A quick look through snake species considered as worlds most dangerous animals, will reveal you following deadly snake examples: Copperhead Snake, Cottonmouth Snake, Rattlesnakes, Coral Snake, Cobra Snakes, Sea Snakes, Bushmaster, Black Mamb snakes. Many of them finding their place in our unique Killer snakes screensaver.

Yes there are snake from all continents: North and South America, Australia, Europe and India and Africa.

Please, if you intend to install this screensaver on your boyfriends or girlfriends PC, do make sure they do not suffer under a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of snakes, known as snake phobia.

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