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The most personal thing about a person these days is actually his electronics. His ipod tells you what kind of music he likes. His cell phone hold photos of his family and friends. His BlackBerry is his life! And on every one of these devices he has a screensaver. That may tell you more about him than anything else. So, what popular screensavers he chose for his computer will reveal more about him that even he himself realizes.

For example, if he is a closet Star Trek fan, he may have a screensaver of the Starship Enterprise. If he is a rabid Dallas Cowboy fan, he may have the silver star logo. If she is mad about Brad Pitt, she might have a publicity still photo of him as her screensaver. If she collects Betty Boop memorabilia, she might have a picture of that cartoon character as hers. Practically anything and anyone can be on a screensaver now. They only requisite is that they be famous, or at least infamous. Here are a few of the more popular screensavers, at least currently:

Animals: this includes all the more popular screensavers, like kittens, puppies, horses, pot-bellied pigs, monkeys, lions, etc., and some exotics, like zebras, snakes, even tarantulas.

Babes and Hunks: just what you would imagine, these popular screensavers include models, celebrities, actors and actresses from movies and televisions, even some politicians believe it or not. If anyone ever thought they were hot, they might be on this list.

Holidays: all the normal popular screensavers include Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, and the smaller ones, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc., meant for changing out as each one goes by on the calendar.

Military: this one really spiked after 9-11, and it has what one might expect, with the most popular screensavers including mostly flags and pictures of Marines at Iwo Jima and the like.

Nature: this could be anything from pictures of the beach, to the mountains, to the desert, to the woods, to a deserted island; to pretty much anything that just doesn’t have a human being or an animal in it. We just have to long to be there instead of where we are for these to become popular screensavers.

Oceans: this one is pretty self-explanatory, just a bunch of photos of any of the oceans in different stages, from calm and peaceful, to mid-storm and fully raging. The most popular screensavers can be breathtaking in showing the full capacity of the ocean’s power and fury.

Space: another that is self-explanatory, but just as beautiful and breathtaking. These popular screensavers are all photos taken of outer space, most actually having been taken from one or the other of the space shuttles that orbit the earth and the photos are quite haunting, some of them, in the solitude they manage to convey.

Sports: an obvious one, both for the games, the players, the various different leagues and teams there are and the options in this category are virtually limitless for that reason. The more popular the team, the more popular screensavers have become.

Travel: another beautiful but sad one, if for no other reason than for succinctly demonstrating how large our planet is and how much of it will never truly be known to most of us.

There is another funny thing you might learn about a person by viewing the popular screensaver they have chosen. You might learn what it is they aspire to learn, to do, where they aspire to go, or even who they aspire to be. And if it is you, think about that question yourself. What is your own screensaver saying about you?

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