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Refreshing Beer Screensaver

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Refreshing Beer ScreensaverFor real tough men ONLY! Refreshing beer screensaver is there to say everything you need to say about you. You are a MAN and BEER is a part of your life. We might as well end the description of this creative screensaver right now. Refreshing beer screensaver was born on a hot summer day, when a couple of guys just dreamt out loud how a nice cold bottle of beer would do miracles right now.

No cheerleader, no money and no football game would ever sit so nicely as a single cold refreshing bottle of beer. There you have it; we gathered some great wide angle high quality photos of those delicious blonde beer sorts and made a cool screensaver out of it. It still does not match the real bear but it gets darn close to it. So you still ask yourself what makes this cool screensaver so special. It represents all the power, strength and weaknesses of a man, besides that the sole look at those tasty beers makes you a happier man.

About you!

You will never have to make any excuses of being a man anymore. Actually if you download this screensaver it will most definitely protect you from ever having to hear: Why did you leave that toilet sit open again! Nope, she will not dare to ask you anymore, a man who drinks beer just does not care about those silly little things. Yes, it is a hard screensaver, very masculine, powerful and quite self explaining. You are the predominant species, who has the right to get drunk, who has the right to enjoy beer with his friends and who has the right to say, good damn this feels good!

User friendly!

For man only, preferably 21+. Not for kids, or parents may get the wrong impression about your behaviour.

Creative use!

My friends kids, though 18 and 20 years of age, installed this screensaver on dads computer after he came home drunk as can be. You could imagine the surprise when he came back to the computer. We are sure you can think of other creative ways to use this great screensaver.

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