Seven Amazing Screensavers for Windows

People have different tastes and reasons behind the screensavers on their computers. While the choices out there are as varied as the tastes, here is a list of some of the best screensavers you can use on your computer; they are in the A-list of screensavers.

IMAX Hubble 3D

This screensaver is connected to the Hubble Space Telescope documentary released in 2010. This outstandingly attractive screensaver tugs in awesome photos from the Hubble website. Try it and enjoy a pleasurable excursion!

League Displays

This one has a special place for League of Legends die-hards. It has multiple and wide displays and can work on both Windows and macOS.


This one takes the prize in the list of the most attractive screensavers. The beautiful purple bubbles bouncing on your screen create a wonderful optical illusion which is almost therapeutic if not entertaining. Best part! You can adjust the number of bubbles to your liking.


Well, this is not the kind which most people want to look at every time they fire up their computers, but if you are a sucker for new knowledge in every minute of your life, this is the screensaver for you, as it brings up different Wikipedia pages randomly, every time it comes up on your screen.

3D Pipes

There’s some gratification which comes with seeing these 3D pipes fill up a screen. They are multicolored, which makes them pleasant to look at. Oh! They also snake through the screen, which is kind of amazing to look at.

Aerial Apple TV

This screensaver takes you through a journey to the world’s most famous cities. The images were shot for Apple TV. This one is good, especially when you want to tease those Apple enthusiasts. You have to be connected to the internet, though, as the images stream from Apple.

Blue Screen of Death

Sounds weird, right? The blue screen of death displays errors and system boots which remain a constant reminder of the many times your computer has let you down. This one is good for fun or when you want to prank a colleague or a friend.