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Sweet Dreams Screensaver

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Sweet Dreams ScreensaverSweet dreams screensaver is a special collection of the most beautiful photos from the night sky. Downloading this special nature screensaver will open you doors to many extremely attractive photos of moon and the stars. There is something extraordinary powerful on those photos we used for making this unbelievable screensaver. It makes one wanting to know more about his own existence and it simply forces one to think about things we rarely take time to consider. For billions of years the moons accompanies human destiny and affects our daily lives. Much in a way that not even today could be explained. We tappet around that mysticism of the moon and the night to bring you closer to those philosophical questions, that we have forgotten to think about any more.

Sweet dreams screensaver gives you a perfect opportunity to escape from your daily stress and to focus on questions and thoughts that define humans as such.

We have shown you the doors to a different perspective, but it is on you to open them wide and leave yourself to your deepest thoughts.

Sweet dreams screensaver is an island of peace and tranquility, where your mind can rest for a moment and gather new energy for the next day. We would dare to say that getting into it made us slightly better persons. It does not have any magical powers, but it is a perfect tool to stop for a second and reflect upon your life from a distance.

Hopefully it will work for you just as well as it did for us.

Let those dreams fly….

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