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The Captain Of The 7 Seas

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The captain of the 7 seasThe Captain of the 7 seas takes you on a romantic trip along worlds most beautiful coasts on ships of all kinds. Each single photo will make you wish you were there, enjoying the lonesome secrets of wide oceans. You will be taken along coasts of Aruba and all along the Mexican bay. You will get a glimps on real life in northern sea bays and you will discover different ships and boats that cruise the ocean.

It is no fairytale screensaver with photoshop remake pictures. No, we give you only the scenes from real life on the ocean.

It is not our purpose to try to sell you most prominent beaches on the world. We would like to get you closer to the real beauties of the seas with rare photos showing those small but precious moments that make us love the nature in all of its beauty.

The Captain of the 7 seas is a screensaver to look at, that where its real power lies – making you dream a little in this world of stress and hardship.

Let them sweeten your everyday, let Captain of the 7 seas taking you on a trip you will gladly take over and over again.

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