Types of Computer Screen Savers

Screensavers can actually be defined as software programs which are activated whenever the computer remains idle or inactive for a specified duration. Initially, they were used mainly to prevent text or images from being burnt permanently into the computer screens. Currently, they are used more for entertainment purposes or to promote company branding. There are many types of entertaining computer screensavers available. Choosing the right one to install should definitely depend on your needs and preferences. Some of the most common types of screensavers are highlighted further below.

3-Dimensional Screensavers

3D screensavers are probably the most popular type of screensavers employed in computers. The main difference between these screensavers and others is that they have three-dimensional graphics, which add a sense of movement and depth to the computer screen. Due to the heavy graphics, 3D screensavers may require a more advanced video card, which might also lead to higher power consumption. That means that you have to make a compromise between cool 3D effects and power consumption.


The other type of screensaver is a slideshow. Slideshow screensavers display specified images on the screen, in a sequence which is predetermined or random. Depending on the screensaver used, the images can be from local storage or the internet. In some cases, the slideshow screensaver can have some background music as well.

Ribbon Screensavers

Ribbon screensavers display colorful ribbons on the screen when the screensaver is activated. The ribbons are animated, and they trace out beautiful patterns on the screen. From the settings, you can change the animation speed, ribbon sizes, and color profile, among many other aspects.

Text Screensavers

Text screensavers are those which display a specified text on the screen when the screensaver is activated. The text can be tweaked in terms of color, font, and size, among others. The texts displayed can also be animated. Animation provides a cool and attractive effect. In most cases, screensavers usually have several animation options.

Clock Screensavers

Some screensavers can double up as tools. For example, the screensaver can work as a clock or calendar by displaying an accurate time and date. With such, you can tweak how the time and date appear regarding size, animation, and color, among other things. For the clock, you can opt for an analog or digital clock. Some can display more than one clock at a time, each for a different time zone or specified country.