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Velvet Roses Screensaver

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Velvet Roses ScreensaverVelvet roses nature screensaver inspires with collection of magnificent roses of all colors and sorts. What makes this nature screensaver so unique? It is the quality of photos and the huge collection of splendid photos we could pick from to make this screensaver. And it really wins your heart. When others trie to concentrate on “star” roses, those are the roses that are most commonly seen in your nearest botanic garden, we expanded the collection on all sorts of roses.

The beauty of the rose lies in the variety of the species, forms and foremost colors. Just a short walkthrough different representatives of this gorgeous plant, some of which you will find in our screensaver: Dog Rose, China Rose, French Rose, Gigantea Rose, Redleaf Rose, Cherokee Rose, Multiflora Rose, Chestnut Rose, Sweet Brier, Japanese Rose and Virginia Rose. Many of them are proud members of our Velvet Roses screensaver.

About you!

What is this magnificent nature screensaver saying about you, if you decide to make it for your own? It communicates tenderness, love and openness to romance. For centuries roses are in men eyes the synonym for women beauty and grace. If you become roses, you simply know there is someone whose heart is burning just for you.

User friendly!

Velvet Roses Screensaver is acceptable for all individuals or families with children. It emits only positive messages about the owner and can only brighten up ones day.

Creative use!

Well, we received some pretty astonishing stories about ways of “creative use” of our Velvet Roses Screensaver. If you own an office PC and share your office with other people, this is what you could do. Go to the PC of the person you find attractive, when this person is away install Velvet Roses Screensaver to that person’s PC. Than just wait to see the reaction of that person. It could be the beginning of a whole new relationship! Yes, you can even make a statement of love with it.

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