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Vista Screensaver

Are you looking for ways to customize and enhance your desktop? Tired of looking at the same old dull graphics marching across your screen day after day? Searching for a way to punch up the color and dynamics in your office environment? Then the Vista screensaver may be just the thing for you! With its variety of polished environments and fascinating transition effects, the Vista screensaver has the mesmerizing graphics you have been looking for to transform your dull office desktop into an exciting graphics experience.

Vista was the desktop operating system released by Microsoft Window’s for business in November 2006. Vista ships in nine different versions that fall under the main categories of home editions and business editions. The most notable change from Windows XP to Vista is a significantly redesigned user interface. Other additions include a faster and more customizable search engine and an XML-based specification for creating documents similar to the PDF format.

Along with those changes, Microsoft also created several colorful and stunning Vista screensavers. Windows Vista has some lovely screensavers like Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify and Ribbons, which you will not find in any earlier versions of Windows like Windows XP. You don’t have to upgrade to Vista to run any of the Vista specific screensavers as these Windows Vista screensaver designs have been ported to run on Windows XP or even previous versions like Windows 2000.

Almost as quickly as the Vista screensaver products were introduced, it was discovered that it was nearly impossible to customize them. And of course, for a selfish public used to getting anything they want, telling them there was something they couldn’t have just wasn’t going to cut it! So it wasn’t long before sites popped up all over the place teaching us how to hack those very screensavers so that we could customize them. The sites taught us how to create shadows in the Vista screensaver Bubbles as well as how to make the bubbles transparent or metallic, and how to thicken and narrow the width of the ribbons in, of course, the Vista screensaver Ribbons.

The bottom line is that the Vista screensavers are some of the most high-end, visually stimulating graphics available for your home or business computer out there today. They can transform any desktop with their engaging and mesmerizing themes, wallpapers, and screensavers with the click of a mouse. Even though screensavers used to be utilized as security devices, anymore they are used for entertainment purposes only. And in this regard, the Vista screensaver comes through with shining colors. It is more than entertaining. It is colorful, dynamic, engaging, mesmerizing and visually beautiful.

The best thing about the Vista screensavers available today is that you can download them for free. Of the more than two million websites offering the screensavers, most guarantee them also free from adware and spyware as well. They maintain they are also safe and easy to download and never contain spam. You can get them in a black background or transparent, and you are not required to upgrade to a Vista system. Most promise to be compatible with any operating system out there. So regardless of what you are typing on, when you are finished, get yourself a Vista screensaver and sit back to watch the show!

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