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Wine Screensaver

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Wine ScreensaverWine screensaver will take you through different angles of wine art. Presenting Wine bottles or glasses filled with fine wine in many different angles, scenarios and backgrounds. This special nature screensaver is a tribute to wine and to all those people who consider themselves wine connoisseurs. It is a way to show your respect to wine and to that rich culture of wine production. You will find a broad selection of different photos featuring wine in its daily use in social occasions and as a perfect companion to a perfect meal. What makes this screensaver special? Foremost it is the statement you can make with this product. It expresses your maturity in your attitude towards wine and alcohol in general.

About you!

Besides maturity and your special attitude towards wines, this fine screensaver reveals other interesting secrets about its owner. If you are a man, this product emits clear signals to the women population, that you are a responsible, serious and mentally mature man, who will most probably have interest in arts, literature and poetry as well. Besides presenting a man as a gentleman, it still intrigues the observer to find out more about your complicated personality.

And if you are a woman, this screensaver will communicate your seriousness and your clear priorities in life. So nothing that would attract one night stands.

You wonder how we can tell all this things about one screensaver. We asked professional psychiatrist to help us understand the character of people who would download specific screensavers.

User friendly!

This screensaver will hopefully find its place in environment of mature people. It is clearly not the choice for a family computer where kids are around. Not that it would hurt them, but kids may just find it boring.

Creative use!

We know of some cases where this screensaver has been installed on a friend’s computer after a “rough night” outside. It just does not help you getting rid of that hangover :)

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